Become a Duathlete

Becoming a Duke or Duchess of Duathlon, or in general a Duathlete, couldn't be easier and more exciting. Are you a beginner? Our community is very welcoming and available to help you in your journey to become a Duathlete in one of our Duathlon categories (League, L, M, S, XS, and for the youth categories.

What is duathlon?

The Duathlon consists of a sequence of three sporting activities: running, cycling and running.

The sequence is carried out without outside help and without stopping the timing at the change of discipline.

The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses events are aimed at athletes of all fitness levels wishing to participate individually or as a team.

What is the Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses?

The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses is a unique and unprecedented event in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses offers two categories :

  1. The category open to all called Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses – Series
  2. The closed category called Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses – Ligue

This new format takes the form of numerous duathlon events in series throughout the region . These events will take place every year from April to November. These serial duathlons are open to all levels; professional or amateur athletes, families, work colleagues, clubs, young or not so young, our events are suitable for everyone and friendliness and sportsmanship are the key words.

Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses - League.

DDD - League is a closed Duathlon competition with the top 50 female and top 50 male athletes. This closed league represents the competitive category of Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses. Each stage of the DDD - League involves successively a running event followed by a cycling event and then again a running event with additional rules. For some races, changes will be made to the rules and the conventional structure of the duathlons in order to test athletic ability, increase spectator enthusiasm and increase the popularity of the duathlon.

Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses - Series

La catégorie DDD – Séries 2021 est ouverte aux participants de tous niveaux, athlètes, familles, amis, collègues de travail, clubs.

  1. Duathlon L : 10km/60km/10km
  2. Duathlon M : 10km/40km/5km
  3. Duathlon S : 5km/20km/2.5km
  4. Duathlon XS : 2.5km/10km/1.25km
  5. Animathlon 6-13 ans : 250m/1km/250m

The organiser makes the final decision on the number of distance categories to be organised per event.