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Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses - Series and League is an unprecedented event in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses consists of two categories: Series and League. The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses - Series is a category open to participants of all ages, without any particular form conditions, while the Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses - League is a closed competition reserved for the best athletes, selected by the organiser.

Nous vous invitons à devenir ville d’accueil d’une épreuve du Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses – Series et Ligue.

Le concept Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses – Séries et Ligue a pour but de promouvoir l’identité et les valeurs de votre ville dans toute la région, renforçant ainsi votre identité territoriale. Au-delà d’un rayonnement régional, cet événement permet d’attirer de nombreux athlètes, clubs, spectateurs et touristes dans votre ville, générant ainsi des retombées économiques et sociales conséquentes. 

The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses is designed to grow and attract runners, cyclists, sports clubs and associations, companies and enthusiastic explorers from all over the region, France and the world.

Values and Missions of the Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses

In keeping with the values and goals of your community, we aim to :

  1. To strengthen the bond that unites all the inhabitants of the municipality through sport.

  2. Increasing interactive tourism for the inhabitants of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region (AuRA). By creating this series, we automatically generate a tourist attraction that encourages athletes and spectators to discover and explore both your town and the other host towns.

  3. Increase the level of physical fitness and promote healthy sport while creating an identity for your city as a sports city in France. 

  4. To create employment opportunities and activities in the region while contributing to economic growth through these sporting events. 

  5. Contribute to the growth of sports clubs in the region. The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses will enable the sports clubs of the host town to welcome other clubs from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, thus strengthening their interdepartmental links.

  6. Involve the pupils and students of your commune in the sports project by carrying out studies on various subjects.

The event has been designed to suit beginners, professional athletes, families or corporate teams. To this end, different categories have been chosen to adapt to each person's level of fitness and practice (Duathlon L, M, S, and Youth for the Series category), with activities in the event village. 

The event structure of the Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses offers more activity and exposure to your city by welcoming participants from all over the world, and many high level athletes have already shown their interest in participating in this event in our territories.

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Current host cities of the Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses