About Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses

It is a unique concept in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, which was developed based on the sport discipline of Duathlon.

The Duathlon consists of a sequence of three sporting activities: running, cycling and running.

The sequence is carried out without outside help and without stopping the timing at the change of discipline.

Our concept consists of 2 distinct categories:

  1. Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses – Series.
  2. Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses – League.

Our vision is to have a series of duathlon events with a minimum of 4 events across the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The Duathlon offers the possibility to its practitioners to have a longer season than the multisports requiring a swimming event. For the duathlon discipline, our calendar extends from April to November depending on the geographical location of the cities. Duathlon is the most accessible multisport discipline since it combines the two most practiced sports in France outside the federal framework (running and cycling).

Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses - Series

DDD - Series is a category open to all, with a variety of duathlon categories suitable for all athletic abilities: beginner, intermediate and expert.

Our duathlon categories for the DDD - Series include:

  1. Duathlon L : 10km (RUN 1), 60 km (Cycling), 10 km (RUN 2)
  2. Duathlon M : 10km (RUN 1), 40 km (Cycling), 5 km (RUN 2)
  3. Duathlon S : 5km (RUN 1), 20 km (Cycling), 2.5 km (RUN 2)
  4. Animathlon Duathlon for kids between 6 yrs and 13 years. 
Duathlon Dukes and Duchesses - League.

DDD - LEAGUE is a closed competition and limited to a maximum of 25 female and 25 male athletes for the 2021 season. It is a category that creates opportunities for exposure for duathletes, as well as testing their athletic abilities with different duathlon formats:

  1. The conventional Duathlon L (10km / 60km /10 km) 
  2. unconventional duathlon formats, adding elements of time trial, Enduro and factors of multi-stages (Elimination) (with rest time between stages).


Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses - Ligue
Our objectives and Values

The Duathlon Ducs et Duchesses - Series and League events are organized by the association - Savoie Sports Organisation in collaboration with Vital Coach Events.

Our objectives and Values :

  1. Create moments of conviviality in your city and throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.
  2. Promote tourisme.
  3. Promote health through sports
  4. Contribute to the economic growth of the host city through hotels, restaurants, supermarkets.
  5. To promote solidarity and sportsmanship.
  6. Promote the host city's identity for excellence, competition and parity in sport.
  7. Integrate schools into the project.